thismanslife/archive has been online since the turn of the century. Scroll back in time to revisit the history of its evolution.

Design in mind


Version 5 – the latest one. This was a reset, and a long time coming. The dated-looking design work from previous sites was dropped in favour of newer, higher-profile work. Stripped and simplified to a single-page.



Version 4 – an evolution of each site that preceded it. Doubling-down on the portfolio, projects, and self-promotion, including mock self-aggrandisation (see the "Who" section for evidence).

Life changing


Version 3 – an evolution of version 2. Pop-ups banished, a visual restyle, and more focus on using the site as a portfolio for both personal and professional work. Believe it or not, this site changed my life.

Pop-up hell


Version 2 – a pop-up spawning more pop-ups, which was en vogue and almost de rigueur at the time. The site became a place to put photographs and smatterings of visual design work.

Awful first website


Version 1 – a tentative dalliance with publishing content online for the world to see (and hear), including the obligatory cringey journal, etc. I was young, and so was the internet. Don't judge me.

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