Due to the nature of my roles at Microsoft and Adobe many of the projects I've worked on since 2007 are strictly confidential. Consequently, I can't publicly share my best work from the past decade and only a very limited selection of mostly older work is shown here in my portfolio.

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UX Design Showreel Teaser. Full version coming soon (maybe).
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Analytics Data Visualisation / Concepts / 2011

Online Trading Community / Concepts / 2011

Compliance Data Explorer / Concepts / 2011

Morgan Stanley Matrix / Trading Platform / 2008–2010

IXDA Interaction Awards 2012

Disrupting - Shortlist

User Experience Awards 2011


Adobe Max Awards 2009


Adobe eBanking / Concept / 2007

For lack of a better title


A bit on the side


So you need a video to fit in your responsive layout but don't know how to get it scaling in proportion? This simple tool calculates an intrinsic ratio and generates code to make your videos scale responsively with simple CSS.



Mac OSX dashboard widget, which given any number, will calculate the corresponding number according to the golden ratio. Nice, eh? Oh, and it’s FREE.

Who is this man?


James Mellers, possibly the most handsome man on the planet

James Mellers, possibly the most handsome man on the planet

Senior User Experience Designer at Microsoft, formerly a UX Consultant & UI Designer at Adobe. Based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, with a background working on projects across Europe and the USA.

With 18 years experience in the industry, I have broad knowledge and practical abilities across the spectrum of digital design. From creative-thinking, envisioning and conception of ideas, to hands-on design production and project delivery. From overall experience architecture to interaction details. I use design to translate ideas from concept into reality. Notable background experience in financial and banking sectors, including design leadership of a large scale, award winning trading platform for a global investment bank.

I design interfaces for web, desktop and mobile devices, with my primary skills including interface wireframing, visual design, interaction design and choreography. I also enjoy prototyping in code, tweaking nuances of animation and obsessing over details.

Previously part of Studio 415 at Microsoft, currently working on the Office team. What next?

Feel free to get in touch.


I've used thismanslife as a URL and online pseudonym since the turn of the century, when I held this corner of the web for personal publishing, micro-blogging back before the days of Twitter and such. Over time it evolved into a place to publish personal work; design, illustration and photography.

Today, this site acts as both a portfolio and a digital dumping ground for things I make, photos I take and CSS rules I break.


An Englishman in Scotland, living beside the seaside with my family and our awesome dog. I like music, films and taking photos, mostly of the beach, my dog, or my dog on the beach.

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